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I’m huge on staying productive and jotting down notes. One of my first articles for MUO was about CintaNotes, an awesome little portable application that acts as an alternative to Evernote when it comes to jotting out messy notes and thoughts. Where Evernote is best used for organized, important studying, CintaNotes is great for brainstorming ideas and quick self-notes.
Another area where Evernote isn’t as effective is if you’re looking to keep a schedule. Natively, Evernote doesn’t support any calendar integration or agenda features, so I’d recommend other software. The tool that I’m going to show you today, Notee, can’t be put on the same elite pedestal as Evernote but it manages to pick up where Evernote falls a little short.

Notee is a free tool written by Codee Software (they love those repeating vowels) that is compatible with both the Windows and Mac OS. Much like Evernote, Notee supports remote storage and synchronization of your notes. After downloading and launching the application for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create an account to utilize the synchronization feature.

Do that and, without email confirmation, your account will be created and you’ll be automatically logged in. From here, you’ll be taken to a calendar view where you can immediately begin storing your notes for these dates.

Double-click a date and the New Note screen will automatically pop up. Here, you’re able to enter a title and optional summary of your note. You’re able to store it as a Note or Schedule. If you decide to use a Schedule note, there’s really nothing different apart from being able to set the duration of time you expect it to take. In all honesty, it’s an incomplete feature.

After creating your note, the dates on your calendar view indicate a Note or Schedule item exists with either the N or S symbol. It would have been nicer for Notee to display the title or summary of each note in this view, but conveniently there is a view of all of your notes to the right-hand side.

As you can see, it supports a search feature which can be pretty useful if you’ve got a packed schedule.
Nothing about the Notee software jumps out and impresses immediately, but the synchronization to their web interface is a great feature that I only know of Evernote being able to do this more effectively. You’re able to log in online and see all of your stored notes and schedules and edit or add to them.

The interface is just as simple as the desktop application so you should have no trouble navigating and manipulating your notes. You can also download the desktop application straight from this page.
Notee is far from a realistic alternative to Evernote, but it fills a void that Evernote isn’t able to. Notee’s features are very simple and fairly limited, but with more exposure and time we should expect to see it developed further and possibly grow into a more beefy note-taking application.
What do you guys think of Notee? Know a piece of software with the same features that does it better? Let me know in the comments!

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