Topic: Compare++ releases now!!!

Released on Jan. 7, 2011.


Release Notes:

New! New pricing and license, user can save more money;
New! Compare moved functions by left/right/alphabetic order;
New! Support snapshot feature
Auto-pick a window;
Capture any rectangle on screen;
Draw any graph on screenshot;
Type in text on screenshot;
New! Support diffmark feature
Mark some difference and Copy all to right except these difference;
Copy all marked difference to right;
List all marked difference in diffmark view;
New! Enhance code extraction;
Extract const array definition such as "static UINT indicators[] = {}";
Enhance isolated function alignment;
New! Enhancement
Improve newline identification and long line display;
Improve sorting speed by modified time for folder compare;
Make "Jump to up/next button" in the middle of window more smooth;
Fix bug related to "find&replace" feature;
Fix a overview bar display issue while merging;
Fix some crashes while refreshing after directly editing at the two sides;
Fix bug that after swapping left and right file, the "Copy to left" icon at the right side is nor correct;

Coode Software Team