Topic: Crash on Backslash in C++ comment

Dear Coode Software Team,

my BUG-Description:

The program crashes under the following conditions:

0. CMPP v1.7.2.0 under Windows 7 64 bit
1. Comparing  files with a backslash in a C++ comment: “// foo\foo” or only “// \”. (Occured in a path string in a C++ comment.)
2. Comparing with “Ignore Comment Changes” enabled or when enabling this option (crashes both in TFS and when comparing via Explorer context menu)

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Re: Crash on Backslash in C++ comment

Thank you for your report. We will fix the issue in the next version.


Coode Software Team

Re: Crash on Backslash in C++ comment

Compare++ has fixed the crash issue, please take a try. Thanks.

Coode Software Team