Topic: Compare++ releases now!!!  for Windows 32bit or 64bit

released on May 15, 2011, (~3.3MB).

Release Notes

New! Enhance Options Setting

  • Add option "Auto-reload modified files outside of Compare++";

  • Add option "Auto-close removed files outside of Compare++";

  • Add option "Auto-save modified file when going to next file";

  • Improve some options and fixed some options issues;

New! Enhance Folder Compare

  • Add options "Compare file size/modified time/file content";

  • Fixed issue related to "Refresh" button in folder compare;

  • Fixed issue related to "Only Show Diff" in folder compare;

  • Fixed the right item refresh issue after "copy an isolated file to right";

New! Enhance File Compare

  • Improve "Smart" menu for text-oriented compare mode;

  • Improve "Jump to next" button in the middle of window;

  • Fixed "Drag used to select text" issue after view loses focus;

  • Fixed crash caused by thread synchronization when "go to next file";

  • Fixed issue related to "Only List Different" filter in Function View;

Coode Software Team